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The Left-Hand Path

I am birthing this out of blood and agony, madness straining at the reins. Crushed between the twin millstones of purpose and the pain─nevertheless, my heart has held true.

This black wave curls up through me, the dark network flares in me, and I am all illuminated node. I’ve moved from the lonely path of the Solitary, to the blissful path of the Lover, then tripled the road to include Friend. Finally I’ve found Family, breaking my back to remain a beacon because I look around me and I see hearts unfolding like giant wings in the night.

The search for the sacred life, for love, for tribe─I’ve found my footing here on this dancing, ever-shifting Satanic path.

I’ve seen my own healed, whole self look back at me from a news site, overcoming impossible pain to make a difference in the name of compassion. When the high school student who invited us to Bremerton hugged me at the game, I felt my neural net, my heart, my soul─knit, connect and flare into bright being once more. I became again the fully conscious being I had been before the drugs and depression took that away.

After all these long years of hard going on my singular sacred path, I have finally fully awoken to my purpose in this world. Now I look forward to exploring the path ahead with you, dear readers, at my side.

Ave Satanas. TRANSMIT ON.

Ritual Art: “The Left-Hand Path”

by Lilith Starr

Paper, ink, acrylic

November 19 2015

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