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Considering the Satanic Woman

I've been seriously considering new book concepts. I wrote the essays in "The Happy Satanist" back in 2012 and it's about to be 2016. I seldom have the "spoons" to sit through the pain and write, but I can feel the deep need to start a serious project again, one that touches on my more recent experiences.

I've considered a book aimed at Satanic women specifically. I have some issues to consider first.

My first thought was that I didn't want to cut my readership audience in half by excluding men, and I didn't want to be pigeonholed as only a feminist writer and not taken seriously in the larger world of ideas. Also, I'm concerned that I might be unwillingly supporting gender duality, even if I include transgender women.

But I suspect a lot of my resistance actually comes from internalized misogyny and my past inability to see myself as a woman at all. By writing this book, I may have the chance to work through those issues for myself.

I also feel there is a lack of literature tailored specifically to Satanic women, other than LaVey's "The Satanic Witch," which was written by a man and is a bunch of magical BS, in my opinion (and I say this having a reverent admiration for LaVey's 'Satanic Bible').

Traditional LaVeyan Satanism has been overcrowded with egomaniacal men and rife with misogyny, as well as homophobia and racism. The Satanic Temple is very different. We have a very strong female leadership component (Jex, Nikki, Mercy, Caligo, even me) and a wide gender and orientation diversity among our members. We fight hard for women's rights, and we refuse to be silenced.

Standing up to the existing system is an extra-revolutionary act for the women who dare to speak as Satanists. We help sow the seeds of doubt in the minds of those women still held under the thumb of the religious patriarchy, and thus we are extremely dangerous. I feel like I might have a lot to say on the matter.

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