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Spring Storms

Today is wildly windy, as two major storms hit the Pacific Northwest at once. I am glad to see some sun in between the racing clouds, though. The rainy, dark winter has been wreaking havoc with my seasonal affective disorder depression.

I'm making it through, though. Like the changeable spring weather, there are long periods of pain-amplified depression broken by short bouts of laughter, good times with friends and my Beloved, and the ever-present meaning beckoning me on in life. Onward and forward! I'll continue to show up and do the best I can.

I do feel a sense of celebration at making it through the long winter, to see the spring flowers coming up once more. I sense a similar rebirth inside myself, as I turn wider and deeper into my community and it sprouts around me in a great spiral.

Yesterday I went to my sacred tree in the park and whispered "time to wake up." I left some almonds as an offering, and the crows came down to pick them up. Everything down there is green, and getting greener. It's going to be a long, wet spring, and that means everything will be growing and blooming in abundance. I hope that will include me.

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