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How to Register as a TST Pre-Chapter

There are many advantages to being officially affiliated with the Satanic Temple. If you want your Satanic group to work towards eventual Chapter status with the Satanic Temple, you'll need to get in touch with TST headquarters right away, when you are in the beginning phases of starting the group.

It's important that you make contact before you do your first event as a group. There are rules your group must follow to remain in good standing.

To start, mail; an email will come back with the basic info on what your group needs to do to get started. A nearby chapter head may help you set up your group and follow the rules.

You can call your group "Satanic ___" or "Friends of TST ___", where ___ equals your locale (city, state or area); or you may use another name.

Once you have some get-togethers, get some people involved, and start talking about planning your first event, a member of the Satanic Temple's National Council member should get involved to help provide guidance. You can email when you're ready for that step.

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