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Broken Ankle, Satanic Growth

I have to admit, the last six weeks have been hard. On July 1, I tripped over a hole in a nearby park and fell. The hole was only maybe 5 inches deep, but alas, I snapped my right leg bones at the ankle. Because my diabetes was out of control at the time, the surgeon decided to do ankle fusion surgery instead of the usual surgery that uses pins, plates etc. to fix your ankle up so it has most of its functionality upon healing. Ankle fusion, on the other hand, fuses your leg and ankle bones together at the joint into one solid bone, anchored by a 9" titanium rod that is set with three large screws. It's a less invasive surgery so therefore less risk of the wounds not healing thanks to high blood sugar. Here you can see the before and after surgery x-rays:

Now I am confined to my bed for the next four months, unable to put any weight on that leg. It's a real challenge, let me tell you. Getting up and down the stairs to our patio is nearly impossible for me, so I only leave for orthopedic visits. When healed, I will not be able to move that ankle. It will be frozen in place. I will have to wear special shoes and learn to walk all over again ─ and there's a chance I might not be able to walk at all. The good news is I have gotten my diabetes under tight control again since being scared into doing something to help me heal.

Despite the pain and limitations, though, I am buoyed by the growth and flourishing of my Satanic community and my Satanic practice, at both the global and local levels. TST Washington is experiencing a Renaissance of sorts after being mostly dormant; we have opened our gates to new members and we are attracting a wonderful set of like-minded folks who have helped us plan and execute actions to serve our community in so many ways, from cleaning beaches to raising funds for food banks. And I've officiated a number of weddings as an ordained Minister of Satan ─ it always feels so special to help a couple start a new phase of their life together. Things are also going well on the author front. My second book, Compassionate Satanism, continues to flow out into the hands of Satanic readers near and far. I've been invited to give Q&As about it to many TST congregations, something I always enjoy. I love connecting with Satanic groups and meeting Satanists across the world. (If you want me to come speak to your group, shoot me an email at The TST Shop just ordered another 1,000 copies for the fall. I feel so honored that they are carrying it! You can get it here in the online TST shop and support both myself AND TST: The Happy Satanist is also still doing well. I'm noticing a lot of people who read Compassionate Satanism have been going back to read my first book. TST Idaho ordered a number of Happy Satanist copies to be sent to their prison library system. And today I saw a pic of it being carried in a brick-and-mortar punk rock bookstore in Illinois, thanks to the efforts of TST Illinois (hard to see, sorry):

Today was still a bit rough, as my husband Uruk's scooter got stolen. But we are raising funds to hopefully replace it (if you want to help, you can donate here). And I'm sad I'll have to miss this weekend's TST Washington picnic for the first time since I founded the Chapter in 2014. But all things considered, I'm living my best Satanic life for someone stuck in bed with a broken ankle!


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Apr 04, 2023

hi im robert this is my email would you talk the rituals.

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