The Happy Satanist by Lilith Starr



From Harvard to heroin and back to wellness: these essays chronicle Lilith Starr's inspiring story of recovery and healing in the face of insurmountable odds. In the philosophy of nontheistic Satanism, she finally found the inner strength needed to beat a lifetime of addiction and depression. Now she shares the secrets she learned on her Satanic journey back to well-being.

Discover the positive, life-changing power of Satanism for yourself! Learn the truth behind the common misconceptions about Satanism, and how to tap into the deep reservoir of personal power we all have inside.


THE HAPPY SATANIST: Finding Self-Empowerment


About the Author:

Lilith Starr is the founding Chapter Head of the Satanic Temple's Seattle Chapter. She holds a Harvard B.A. in English and a Stanford M.A. in Journalism.


For 18 years, she fought addiction, trying to get sober in 12-step programs without success. Finding Satanism finally allowed her to beat addiction for good and make a full recovery.


In gratitude, she dedicated her life to building Satanic community, eventually being chosen to head the Seattle Chapter of the Satanic Temple. Now she lives in a quiet Seattle neighborhood with her husband, where they host warm and welcoming Satanic Brunches and other Satanic community gatherings.

In the Press

"I believe that there is much people can learn from these essays; courage, hope, wisdom, and love shine through them. I believe they will offer readers an insightful glimpse into a belief system that is often misunderstood at best and vilified at worst."

- from the Foreword, by Melanie Strong


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