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My new book, "Compassionate Satanism: An Introduction to Modern Satanic Practice," is now available!

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

I am so excited to announce that my new book on Satanic practice is finally published! It's available now on; the title is Compassionate Satanism: An Introduction to Modern Satanic Practice. You can find it here on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and ebook versions:

And here is a list of non-Amazon sources where you can buy the paperback: Non-Amazon Retailers

My hope is that this book will help me give back to the religion that has brought me so much joy and positive transformation. It's taken me a long time and a lot of pushing through pain to get here, but with the help of my supportive worldwide Satanic community, I've finally been able to bring this creative project to fruition!

The Long Road to Publication

I published my first book, a collection of essays on Satanism called The Happy Satanist: Finding Self-Empowerment, in 2015. Publishing it despite my chronic back pain seemed like a huge accomplishment; I figured I'd made my one mark on the world and my encroaching disability would prevent me from doing anything more. Besides, at the time, I had to switch my focus to my new job as founding Chapter Head of The Satanic Temple's Seattle Chapter (one of only five Chapters in existence at that time). Building a Satanic community completely from scratch took all my energy.

But in 2017, I started thinking about writing a second book. With my chronic back pain, I had very little time each day in which I could write, but I saw a gap in the information available and I felt driven to fill it, pain and exhaustion be damned.

I had written an article series on my blog to help guide the folks starting the newly-founded TST Oregon chapter; I thought they might benefit from my own experience in TST community-building. When the community guide got shared and used by many other Satanic groups as well, I started to think I should expand on it to eventually create an entire book about TST-style Satanic practice.

The Happy Satanist had been well-received, but I had written most of the essays in it before the Satanic Temple was founded, so they were based to a certain extent on LaVeyan Satanism, the world's first and (at the time) only fully-fleshed-out Satanic tradition. When The Satanic Temple burst onto the scene in 2013, I immediately recognized the religion I had longed for forever ─ and by 2017 I had resolved to spread my love for TST in book form, no matter what challenges I faced.

Becoming involved in The Satanic Temple had transformed my life for the better in so many ways, and finally given me the caring, compassionate Satanic community I had yearned for over a lifetime of loneliness. In gratitude to the TST movement, I wanted to give back to the community by doing what I do best: writing an easy-to-understand guide. And thus a new book, focused on personal Satanic practice as pioneered by The Satanic Temple, was born.

Five years later, I'm delighted to announce the publication of Compassionate Satanism: An Introduction to Modern Satanic Practice! At over 400 pages, it's quite the hefty tome; not only did I write from my own perspective as a practicing Satanist, but I also interviewed other Satanic practitioners about their own experiences. My hope is that Compassionate Satanism will help both beginners and experienced Satanists understand more about our nascent religion and get fired up about its many possibilities for fulfilling, individualized practice.

Here (following) is a look into some of the book details.

The info from the book's description page:

Compassionate Satanism: An Introduction to Modern Satanic Practice

Discover the benefits of nontheistic Satanism, the dynamic religion taking the world by storm! Get started with this comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to modern Satanic practice by an experienced Satanic insider.

Drawing on her years of leadership in The Satanic Temple (now with over 300,000 members worldwide), award-winning author Lilith Starr demystifies the rapidly-growing Satanic religion based on compassion, reason, and justice and provides a clear road map for building Satanic practice. Learn to tap into your own power, create your own unique, meaningful religious practice, stand up against tyranny and oppression, and find a supportive Satanic community that accepts you just as you are. With a Foreword by Lucien Greaves, Co-Founder of The Satanic Temple. Learn about:

  • The benefits of religion without superstition

  • The narrative of Satan as revolutionary hero

  • The Seven Tenets' system of humanitarian ethics

  • Reclaiming the power of the Outcast

  • The origin and meaning of Satanic symbols

  • The role of nontheistic Satanic ritual (and how to create your own rituals)

  • Developing self-compassion and self-empowerment

  • Coming out to friends and family as a Satanist

  • Taking action against tyranny and injustice

  • Finding your local Satanic community

This extensive guide to modern Satanism also includes a collection of Satanic ritual scripts, a number of in-depth interviews with practicing Satanists, and a section on Satanic holidays. Perfect for beginners and Satanic sophisticates alike!

About the Author:

Author Lilith Starr writes about modern nontheistic Satanism and personal Satanic practice. Her first book, The Happy Satanist: Finding Self-Empowerment, is part of The Satanic Temple's Recommended Reading list and has been featured by Satanic book clubs around the globe. Her second book, Compassionate Satanism: An Introduction to Modern Satanic Practice, is the first comprehensive guide to modern Satanism by a Satanic insider. In 2020, she was awarded The Satanic Temple's first Anatole France Literary Excellence Award.

In addition, Starr is a pioneer in Satanic leadership and community-building; in 2014, she founded the Satanic Temple of Seattle, one of the Satanic Temple's first five Chapters, and her writings on Satanic community have helped many other Chapters get their start as well. She holds a B.A. with honors in English from Harvard University and an M.A. in Journalism and Communications from Stanford University. She lives in Seattle.

A sample page spread:

The Table of Contents:


Foreword (by Lucien Greaves)


Section 1: The Rise of Satanism

Section 2: The Narrative of Satan

Section 3: Modern Satanic Ethics

Tenet One: Compassion Tenet Two: Justice Tenet Three: Inviolability Tenet Four: Freedom to Offend Tenet Five: Scientific Understanding Tenet Six: Fallibility Tenet Seven: Guiding Principles

Section 4: The Outcast Awakens

Satanic Feminism

Queer Satanism

Freethinkers and Atheists

Section 5: Tools for Practice

Satanic Ritual

Satanic Symbology

Section 6: Personalizing Your Practice



Break Your Chains

Coming Out as a Satanist

Satanic Self-Expression

Section 7: Taking Action

Section 8: Finding Satanic Community


Finding a Satanic Group

Starting a Community

Leadership Tips

Activities for Satanic Groups

Section 9: In Conclusion

Appendix 1: Satanic Voices

Satanic Practice Overview

Coming Out as a Satanist

Satanic Artists

Satanic Altars

Satanic Tattoos

Choosing a Satanic Pseudonym

Appendix 2: Sample Rituals

Personal Satanic Dedication

Satanic Invocation

Unbaptism Ritual

Satanic Destruction Ritual

Initiation Ceremony

Winter Solstice Self-Affirmation Ritual

ĪNFLAMMŌ: A Winter Solstice Ritual

Satanic Wedding Ritual

Vow Renewal Ceremony

Satanic New Moon Ceremony

Satanic Remembrance Ritual

Appendix 3: Satanic Holidays

Appendix 4: Recommended Reading


The first editorial reviews:

"Along with that growing list of Temple canon we can happily add Lilith Starr's Compassionate Satanism, a thoughtful, beautiful exploration of Modern Satanism by one of our first establishing chapter heads who helped us to grow and cultivate the diverse, robust, rapidly expanding worldwide community we boast today. Now, at long last, Satanism has arrived ... no longer mythic boogeymen, but a movement, a cultural upheaval, a religious revolution. To understand how we got from there to here, this book is an excellent place to start." - Lucien Greaves, Co-Founder of The Satanic Temple

"I envy future Satanic beginners who will have this guidebook from the start."

- Dresden Visage, Go Hail Yourself

"Informative and moving, Compassionate Satanism is a must-read for anyone interested in exploring modern Satanism through the eyes of an empathetic and knowledgeable guide." - Professor Jennifer Hawk

If you do choose to read Compassionate Satanism, my hope is that it proves helpful in your own explorations of this individualistic religion. Satanism turned my life around and finally made me feel like I was home, among an accepting and supportive community ─ my beloved, close-knit Satanic family. May my book provide useful info and an enjoyable reading experience for you as well!


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Heather Duncan
Heather Duncan
21 set 2023

I purchased this book from TST in Salem during a recent visit and I am blown away! You were so articulate and engaging. I have been encouraged to explore other Satanic reading. As soon as I finished I came to your website, partly for education, mainly to give you hi-5s, mental hugs, horns, etcetera and say THANK YOU. 🖤🖤🖤

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