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Celebrating a Milestone on my Upcoming Satanic Book

Portrait of Lilith Starr
Feeling extra-Satanic at the moment!

I've reached a critical milestone in my progress on the book I've been writing about personal Satanic practice: I've gotten the full manuscript finished. Right now it's in the hands of a small team of readers composed of people I respect and admire. I'm both very excited and very nervous; I hope the book is acceptable to them all.

This book has come together much quicker than I anticipated. The first two years I was writing it went very slowly, as I was also building a local Satanic community that absorbed almost all my energy. My chronic pain severely limits how much sitting I can do, so I could only get in snippets of writing work here and there before the pain overwhelmed my ability to concentrate. But since retiring from my leadership position in June 2019, I've been able to devote more of my limited "spoons" to the book, and after finishing the first and second drafts, I managed to complete the manuscript in April 2020.

What remains is a still great deal of work: integrating requested changes and doing the formatting, copyediting, and design. It may take til the end of 2020 or beyond. But at this point, I feel I've got a good complete, solid manuscript to work with.

This book has been at the core of my Satanic practice for almost a year now. Every morning I've gotten up, put my Satanic pendant on, and over breakfast put all my available effort into the book until the pain gets to be too much. It's my labor of love, my service to my community, and my way of trying to give back to the religious movement that has transformed and (quite literally) saved my life.

I'm very happy to have come so far on it and I'm looking forward to the rest of the journey towards publication. I count myself extremely lucky to have a very supportive Satanic community encouraging me and helping me through the rough times. I hope to be able to get this book into people's hands as soon as possible. Ave Satanas!

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