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I'm Now An Officially Ordained Minister of Satan! HAIL!

Hi everyone! So the big thing I was holding my breath for finally happened: I've earned my official credentials as a Minister of Satan for The Satanic Temple! I'm so, so, SO excited!

Becoming ordained in my chosen path is incredibly meaningful for me ─ since I turned to witchcraft at age 12, I've yearned to earn a role in priestesshood or ministry. I've studied long and hard in many traditions, but this feels like I've finally reached the Boss level. It included an entire curriculum of courses, a final exam, and an essay, as well as a letter of approval and a background check. This isn't the United Life Church 5-second online ordination; it requires real work. I will admit, though, that I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the religion that I love.

Now I'm imbued with the full legal power to officiate weddings and funerals; I can lead religious services, and I can lead Satanic rituals such as the Black Mass and Unbaptism ceremonies. I'm very excited to launch my ministry ─ I feel that this role will expand the ways I can contribute to the Satanic community and beyond. If you would like a Satanic wedding, funeral or other ceremony, I may be available; you can reach me at I struggle with chronic pain, though, and for now I'm not doing in-person ceremonies due to the pandemic. I'm always willing to hear what you're looking for, though.

The ordination course was extremely educational while also being easy to understand. I learned so much, and I'm inspired to learn more! Once they open up the Ordination Course to everyone, I definitely recommend checking it out. Here's the Ordination website:

I've been on a plane of pure joy today since I was inducted into the Minister community earlier today. I've worn a big silver pentagram pendant every day for the last year. All of a sudden, I feel it burning bright on my chest now like a beacon. My heart has grown 666 sizes this day.

Hail Satan!

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1 Comment

Jan 20, 2023

Congrats on your achievement in becoming an ordained minister of Satan. It sounds like quite the endeavor. Hail.

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