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Satanism as Religion

I see one of the biggest misconceptions about the Satanic Temple (other than that we believe in/worship Satan) is that we are a "troll" or "joke" religion, set up only to rankle the Religious Right. And I realize that I have a LOT to offer in countering that misconception, if I can find the time to sit and write about my personal Satanic path.

I live 24/7 in sacred Satanic space, and I dedicated my life years ago to serving as a priestess full-time. This is my religion; it's not a joke. It's what gave me the strength to quit heroin and addiction for good. It's what enables me to push through my pain and depression every day in the quest for survival and service to TST.

I totally understand how people might misunderstand what TST is about, so it doesn't anger me to see the "troll" misconception. It's usually used in a positive context, where people are cheering us on as we "troll" the religious right. But I think it would be helpful if I could start getting my personal perspective out there. It's one example of how Satanism can be a deeply religious path.

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