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Book Club Discussion Questions for "The Happy Satanist"

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Feel free to use any or all of these questions, in part or whole, or rewrite them as you wish to suit your book club's needs.

1. What did the author have to say about addiction recovery and the Twelve Steps programs? Did you agree with her assessment of the Twelve Steps programs? What have your own experiences been with recovery, either as an addict or someone who loves an addict? If you were in AA, NA or Al-Anon, did you find the focus on a higher power off-putting?

2. What Satanic ideas does the author identify as helpful to recovery? What other parts of Satanism do you think could be helpful in trying to quit an addiction and stay clean? How could the Seven Tenets relate?

3. What do you think of the idea that you need a higher power to do anything successful? Have you encountered this line of thinking in your life? What was your response?

4. What do you think of the author's Buddhism-Satanism fusion?

5. What was the author's experience with homelessness? What was her takeaway? What is your experience, if any, with homelessness? How do you think Satanic ideals, practice, and/or community could help address it?

6. What is the Just World Fallacy? How have you seen this expressed by people in your family or community (especially past churches)? How is this harmful? How might Satanism counter it?

7. What is the author's stance on nudity? What is your own, and how do you think Satanism supports or refutes that stance? What is your personal experience, if any, with nudity restrictions?

8. Did this book give you new perspective or change your mind on anything, and if so, what and how?


You can find "The Happy Satanist: Finding Self-Empowerment" at Amazon (paperback and Kindle eBook) and Barnes & Noble (paperback only).

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